"Paws"itively Awesome Parents

Hello Parents!

Thanks for coming to my website. This website provides several resources that can be used to help your child learn to love and care for our animal friends. You will also find a social skills lesson about how to treat people that are different. I hope you will sit down and look over these pages with your child. Our future and the future of the Earth lies in the decisions our children will make. To teach them we must emulate the God we were created by and must model good stewardship and respect to our Earth, it's people, and it's creatures.

I hope you will read and enjoy my book, then check out these pages for more stuff to do.

"Paws"itively Amazing Animals highlights the animal in my most recent book. It helps your child learn more about an amazing animal!

Fabulous Friends highlights ways a child can help the animals and the Earth. Please look at these ideas and help your child follow through. You will create a Fabulous Friend to the animals by doing so!

Tales of Truth highlights a social skills lesson for you to review with your child. It also provide ways your child can apply this to their life.

Bookworms and Brainiacs highlights books, crafts, and other resources that your child can use to learn more about our amazing animal friends.

Let's Chat highlights different ways to contact me to set up readings for groups or schools.

Books, Buttons, and More is the store. You can purchase books and other products,

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