Fabulous Friends of Amazing Animals

Beluga whales are a threatened species. Some beluga whales are endangered. This means the number of whales in the world is decreasing. This is happening because of climate change, habitat destruction and water pollution. As the world gets warmer and more people move closer to the whales, the coasts change and there are more chemicals, vehicles, and trash in the water. All these things hurt the beluga whales. God created these beautiful whales and He wants us to take care of them.

I want to help the Beluga whales so I am going to become a Beluga Buddy. Would you like to become a Beluga Buddy, too? Here's how you can become a Beluga Buddy:

  • Reuse things you might throw away. Make fun and creative crafts with old stuff!
  • Recycle your trash - and never litter. Your trash could end up in the ocean.
  • Turn off lights in the house and conserve water during showers and when brushing your teeth.
  • Learn about threatened and endangered species and how to help them, including the beluga whale.
  • If you have a chance to view a whale in the wild, view from a distance. Don’t grab them or throw things to get their attention..
  • Never feed a whale. Wild whales must know how to forage for food.
  • Belugas are attracted to the sound of boat motors, but they are often hurt by them, too. Keep a distance when whale watching and turn off the motor of your boat.
  • "Adopt" a whale from an organization that helps animals like the WWF - World Wildlife Fund!
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