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Hello Friends!

Do you like animals? Do you like books? I love them both. I love them SO much that my very first book is about a whale. My next book will be about an animal too. So will the next and the next and the next!

We have a wonderful world with many kinds of animals. Each animal makes our world more colorful and fun. Maybe you like dogs, horses, cows, birds, or monkeys. Some people like kittens, giraffes, or fish. Even though each of us might have a favorite kind of animal, ALL animals are special. God made animals to show His creativity and to make us happy.

Birds sing for us, cows make milk for us, and dogs cuddle with us when we are happy or sad. Life is so much more fun when we have our animal friends at our side.

Take a few minutes to look around my website. You can learn about my new book, Who's That Whale with the Funny Tail? You can learn about animals and even find fun stuff to do. Have fun!

Parents, please take a moment and check out the "Paws"itively Parents page.

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